Mar 2015

Beta Ysrael Documentary Update

Beta Ysrael Project
Kokeb story documentary is in editing mode. We hit a snag. We were suppose to raise about $60,000.00 to finish it and since that didn’t happen, other projects are taking precedent. Continue to pray for this documentary.

The Upper Zoo

The Upper Zoo
This project is going to be an adaptation of Michael Wolf’s Novel.  I am helping him with the screenplay.  It is a period piece about a boy who is dealing with being placed in special education class.  We are working out the best way to adapt the book into screenplay.
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Cro-Magnon Boy Update

Cro-Magnon Boy is in fundraising mode. Bart and Guy have been working on developing an animated sequence for promotion. Stay tuned.

Shannon Dale Christmas Story

Shannon Dale Christmas Story Is a short story book that was brought to me by William Reliford.  The project will be an adaptation of the book by Wayne S. Wiley. It is still in negotiations.  02_01.jpg2dc5ed9b-b231-43cd-af93-5a99a4478a16OriginalchurchOpeningShots2s3joshSanta1080
The project is a first time for Guy. Working in animation is a bit different than live action. There are a lot of the same elements to live action and according to William, you have to treat it the same way.

Disciples In The Moonlight

We are waiting for the third draft from Joshua Strychalski.  It will be a completely revamped draft.  House of Grace Films’ board has agreed to the project and will take on the project as their next film.  Clayton Jennings has agreed to play Cody Rogers.  


Guy was in Delray Beach Florida February 16th thru 18th to attend the board meeting of House of Israel International Ministries.  The meeting outlined plans to raise funds and make a trip to Israel and Ethiopia.  HIIM will build a structure to house the learning center for the Ethiopian Jews in Enfranz Ethiopia.  The training center will be used to train young men and give them income earning opportunities.  
List what are the projects in the works: